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Perhaps a somewhat daring headline, but this ship concept is quite respectable.
The experience we had with the Wes Amelie showed us impressively the potential of LNG as a fuel, not even environmentally, but also economically.


Tradewinds: Can synthetic-LNG fuel greener shipping or is it a Shangri-La?

Synthetic LNG, known as SNG or syngas, is increasingly being tout­ed as a cleaner alternative fuel.
lt is produced by generating electricity from low-carbon or re­newable sources to conduct elec­trolysis - effectively splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen. C02 is added, creating methane and water.


THB: LNG als Treibstoff zahlt sich aus

Einsatz von verflüssigtem Erdgas auf der „Wes Amelie“ ermöglicht Einsparung von fast einer Million Euro pro Jahr. Der auf LNG-Betrieb umgerüstete Containerfeeder „Wes Amelie“ hat im vergangenen Jahr fast eine Million Euro an Bunkerkosten gespart. ...



Unifeeder, the operator of the LNG retrofitted Wes Amelie and first adopter of LNG as marine fuel in the European container feeder segment, must be quite satisfied with the bunker costs of the vessel in 2019.


THB: Blue Ship, green course

For about 20 months now, the 152-meter-long Wes Amelie has been the world's first container feeder to run on liquefied natural gas (LNG). The Wessels Reederei ship from Haren/Ems was converted to LNG operation at German Dry Docks in Bremerhaven in 2017. Preparations had already started years earlier. But what once began as a pilot project, is now regular operation. The Wes Amelie continues to operate in European short sea shipping, but with significantly reduced emissions.


THB: Wes Amelie" as LNG blueprint

How well does the container feeder ship "Wes Amelie" (IMO 9504059), which has been retrofitted to an LNG dual fuel propulsion system, actually run?
Christian Hoepfner, Managing Director of Wessels Marine GmbH, and his colleague Rainer Runde, Technical Director of the company, were able to answer these and other technical and operational questions by various interested experts from the North German shipping industry during a visit to the Port of Hamburg.


Wessels Marine accompanies LNG conversions

The conversion of the Wes Amelie to LNG operation, implemented in September 2017, is not to remain an one off case. The smooth operation of the ship, which has now been operated with LNG for two years, shows that it is not only functioning technically, but was also the right step from an ecological and economic point of view.